Wednesday, October 24, 2007

More on the produce co-op

I wrote this as a response to a comment on my Eating Green entry. It got so long that I decided it deserved its own entry.

The co-op is up to two dozen or more drop off sites, so I estimate the number of participants to be in the hundreds.

We place -- and pay for -- the produce order by Wednesday. The organizers pool the money and on Saturday go to the same produce market the local restaurants use. Site managers haul the items for their site in a pickup truck, more volunteers arrive early to divvy it up among the laundry baskets and the rest of us pick it up.

They also have bulk items from time to time. Available for ordering last week were Utah apples, two varieties in 40 pound boxes, dried beans and rice. I ordered the last two. I'll pick it up on the 7th. This is the first time they're doing rice.

The bulk items are handled differently. When I arrive at the site I'll have to scoop my own of each of the varieties available.

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